R&R Insurance Group Opens New Buckhead Location


Atlanta, Georgia– On March 1st, 2018, R&R Insurance Group (https://www.rrinsurancegroup.com/) is opening a new location to serve the Buckhead area of Atlanta. This independently owned risk management firm will be moving into the newly developed Terminus complex at the well-known intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree. Located in the heart of Buckhead, the stunning Terminus tower is a sought-after office location that combines working, living, and leisure spaces for effortless convenience and comfort. The convenience is augmented by the location’s ample underground parking, and easy access to local transportation. The “Buc,” a free shuttle service providing transport to hotels and businesses across the city, is accessible right outside the Terminus building, and a short walk down the street will take you to a MARTA train station for transport to further locations.

With street level boutique stores, luxury condos, fine dining, and many other amenities to offer, Terminus 200 also provides some of Atlanta’s finest companies with world-class office space. Donnan Oyler, Founder, CEO and President of R&R Insurance Group said, “R&R Insurance Group expects to be right at home in this new business center, serving Atlanta residents with the same dedication to complete coverage at competitive prices that we’ve given to the Lake Oconee area for the past eight years. This company was founded on the belief that exorbitant premiums defeat the true purpose of insurance plans, which is to protect your finances.”

By choosing to work with a multitude of A-rated or better carriers to develop personalized insurance plans for commercial and affluent personal risks, R&R Insurance Group is able to protect and assist their clients with superior coverage at a reasonable price. They believe that insurance is about people, not paperwork, and therefore work to consider the individuals and businesses behind every transaction. Risk management should never be a one-size-fits all proposition. Different issues require different plans, which is why R&R Insurance Group creates plans that work to suit the ways that individuals, and small and large businesses, truly operate, rather than making due with what passes for sufficient coverage on paper.

R&R Insurance Group knows how to utilize its autonomy to better serve the public, and they are eager to bring their excellent customer service, customized plans, and lower cost coverage to the Atlanta area. “This may be an exciting new venture for R&R Insurance Group, but we will still be holding ourselves to the same high standards we’ve always upheld through the years.”  


Donnan Oyler, Founder, CEO and President

R&R Insurance Group

3333 Piedmont Road NE

Suite 2050

Lower Your Rates and Save Lives at the Same Time

We're all in this together...

Distracted driving is the greatest cause of auto rate increases in the Southeast—and a rates increase is one of the best things that can happen out of a distracted driving accident. You could total your car, injure yourself or others, or worse—in fact, according to the DMV, distracted driving accounts for nine deaths every day.

Although anything that takes your attention from the road qualifies as distracted driving—eating, changing music, putting on makeup—one of the most common and most dangerous distractions is talking or texting while driving. We are trained to jump every time our cell phones make a noise, so it can be difficult to resist responding, even in situations where we know we shouldn’t. Luckily, there’s an app for that.




This app’s GPS monitoring and reward system can not only help you break your distracted driving habit, it can provide family members of teens or elderly drivers with more peace of mind. LifeSaver blocks you from using your phone while driving, and then notifies loved ones after you arrive at your destination. There is also a dashboard where parents can set up rewards that their teens can earn with safe driving behavior.



This free app automatically tracks the car trips you take, giving you points for every minute that you resist typing, swiping, or taking calls. At 300 points, you get to spin a prize wheel that gives you the chance to win gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, or Dunkin’ Donuts. Another plus to Mojo is that you can invite friends to compete with you in a safest driving contest.


TrueMotion Family

This is another free app that tracks how safely you’re driving, giving you a trip score that rates your drive and points out moments when you were likely driving distracted. TrueMotion Family can also compare driving scores within families and show you real time locations for family members, as well as trip history—a big plus for parents of teen drivers.


AT&T Drive Mode

This free app will block calls and texts as soon as your car reaches 25 mph, and will send a customizable reply to incoming emails, calls, and texts, letting people know that you can’t respond because you’re driving. You can also create an allow list of five contact numbers that the app won’t block, and 911 can be contacted with one touch at all times.


Apple’s Do Not Disturb While Driving

This one isn’t an app, but rather a built-in iPhone feature that’s free, easy to use, and automated. All you have to do is go into settings and enable the feature, and your phone will silence all notifications, calls, and messages while you are driving, although it will allow calls to come through on hands-free calling. You can customize an automatic reply that will go out to anyone trying to reach you, and in cases of emergency, the person can reply “urgent” to the automated message and you will be notified. Otherwise, all messages and notifications will be hidden from you until you pull over or reach your destination. If you are a passenger in the vehicle, you can just tap “I’m Not Driving” and be free to use your phone.

We hope that you will take advantage of one of these five apps to ensure safer driving for you and your family.  If you would like to learn more about how you can help keep your family safe and lower your auto insurance rates, please call us today at (706) 991-9832 or email us at info@rrinsurancegroup.com.


Donnan  Oyler


Accidental Needle Stick Injury: Comfort and Compensation

Comfort and Compensation After an Accidental Needlestick Injury

The fear felt after an accidental needlestick injury in the workplace is natural and undeniable for everyone involved, but you can minimize your panic by having a worker’s compensation insurance policy in place, and by taking immediate action.


If you or your employee experiences an accidental needle stick, follow your workplace guidelines for immediate wound care, and make sure you understand what is expected next regarding blood tests, and possible medications to ward off infection. Make sure to report the incident to the manager or supervisor, or the appropriate department in your place of work, such as infection control, or occupational health.

Next, make sure to report the accidental needlestick to your insurance provider, and let the trained claim professionals guide you through the compensation process. A good workers comp insurance policy will pay for the cost of diagnostic blood tests for any patients and employees involved. Once you know if there are any bloodborne pathogens to be concerned with, you can proceed with informed procedures and avoid implementing any unnecessary treatments. In most cases, there will be no infection present in the patient’s blood, and nothing to worry about. In cases where there is HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, or other infection present in the patient’s blood, knowing exactly what you’re up against will allow you to reduce risk and target treatment.

Source Patient Testing can be completed on-site, or by any lab facility or medical provider the patient chooses, although prompt testing and treatment is always the best course of action. In all cases, test results should be handled according to medical privacy legislation, which includes not sharing information related to Source Patient Testing with the insurance provider.


Bills for both Source Patient Testing and employee testing should be submitted as part of a workers comp reimbursement claim, and a claim professional will help you direct the bill for payment. Your insurance provider will have special procedures for handling these claims to make sure that the patient’s privacy is safeguarded. Like with any other kind of workers compensation injury, professionals will be available to answer questions and help you at every step along the way. Their job is to ease your mind by making sure that the injured employee receives the best treatment for their recovery.

Insurance is all about security, and your workers compensation coverage is there to keep you safe, both professionally and personally.

Donnon Oyler, President

1051 Village Park Drive, Suite 201

Greensboro, Georgia  30642



Meet Rylee Oyler by Josh Hudson

 Rhonda Bradley, owner of Fishtales, is pictured with the Oyler family at the “Coffee for a Cause” event which was held in support of the aHUS Foundation and Donate Life.

Rhonda Bradley, owner of Fishtales, is pictured with the Oyler family at the “Coffee for a Cause” event which was held in support of the aHUS Foundation and Donate Life.

When a young mind has a mission to accomplish, anything is achievable. This is exactly the case for Rylee Oyler, a sixth grader at Lake Oconee Academy. Rylee has had quite the year, after her mother, Robin, donated a kidney to her father, Donnan, in February. During the transplant, it was discovered that Donnan has an extremely rare disease called aHUS (atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome). In his recovery after the transplant, he started an online coffee and tea business, 50 Trails Coffee, with the purpose of drawing funds and awareness to the AHUS Foundation for Disease Research and Donate Life Georgia. Using his transplant as a platform to make a difference, Donnan turned his recovery into a way for him to save or improve the lives of others with transplants or AHUS. Rylee was inspired by her father and decided that she too wanted to help with the company; now, 50 Trails Coffee is a testament to the Oyler family’s resilience and desire to help others

Donnan’s life before his transplant was very limited, as he had trouble traveling or spending time with his family; therefore, Rylee couldn’t have been happier after the transplant to discover her dad becoming more active and free again. Now the family is able to go on family vacations, such as a recent trip to the beach, and spend a lot more time together. Despite the success of the transplant, the experience showed Rylee that people are often scared of organ donation, but Rylee knows and openly shares how one person, through donation, can save or better the lives of up to 70 people.

 Rylee with her mom Robin, dad Donnan, and brother Parker at the recent kick-off for 50 Trails of Coffee at Fishtales.

Rylee with her mom Robin, dad Donnan, and brother Parker at the recent kick-off for 50 Trails of Coffee at Fishtales.

When Rylee learned of her Dad’s idea for 50 Trails Coffee, she knew she had to help out in any way that she could. She advertised the business by word of mouth, through pictures on social media, and by attending events for the business. On July 1st, 50 Trails Coffee had their pilot event and open house at Fishtales; they used this venue to not only expand the business but to give their testimony and to tell the community of the project’s purpose. Rylee took this opportunity to reach out to the community about organ donation, and she led four people to sign up to be organ donors, potentially helping to save or improve up to 280 lives. Rylee’s motto when it comes to organ donation is to “never be afraid because God will always be there to protect you”. This community couldn’t be happier to support the AHUS Foundation and Donate Life Georgia, but we are most proud of the dedication of the Oyler Family. Through the perseverance of Rylee and her family, The Lake Country has become a stepping stone to help save countless lives. 50 Trails Coffee is sold locally at Fishtales, so be sure to get your choice of coffee or tea to support the Oyler family’s cause; the business also sells coffee online at 50trails.com.

This article is from Inside The Gates | September 2017

If you would like to make a difference, please purchase coffee on Friday, September 24, 2017 from 50trails.com.  All proceeds will go directly to the aHUS Foundation.

Thank you,


Cyber Data Insurance: Food For Thought

Accidents happen!  Restaurant owners have to pay close attention to the many facets of insurance protection from workers’ compensation to theft, fire protection and many others, however, many owners would argue that liability protection has the greatest possibility to shut the doors.  Liability is not measurable.  If your building were to burn down to the ground, you can measure what it will cost to rebuild.  There is hidden responsibility in your liability protection that could make you susceptible if a lawsuit arises.

It will not take long for a restaurant owner to face some come kind of liability claim.  Regardless of how well you have trained your employees, you can’t keep people from claiming food poisoning, chipping a tooth on an olive pit or falling off the curb.  When restaurants offer alcohol to their menu, the risk of a liability claim greatly increase. Now factor in Cyber Liability.  

Cyber liability is a new area of liability that restaurant owners face.  As more customer information is collected and stored by restaurants, the greater the chance of a data breach.  Let’s discuss three common mistakes restaurant owners make in this segment of risk management.

Thinking your IT person has you protected by firewalls.  This is a false sense of security.  Many times the data breach comes honestly from within your own team of employees, by simply opening up a hacked email, downloading malware or throwing away files in the dumpster with sensitive customer information can cause a major security problem.  No matter how well you screen your employees, you can never guarantee the character of any employee.  Theft unfortunately happens.  Your employees play a large role in your cyber security. 


Thinking your general liability policy has you covered.  Most restaurant owners purchase insurance policies that have general liability component built into their policy.  Sadly, they are mistaken when it comes to cyber liability damage loss.  Your general liability insurance policy alone does not protect you from loss or damage.  You must purchase cyber liability insurance for this protection.

Thinking your credit card company vendor is responsible for cyber data breaches.

This is probably the biggest misconception of all.  As the restaurant owner you are still responsible for protecting your customer’s information as it passes through your system. 

Cyber liability happens without warning and can leave you with an enormous financial responsibility as well as damage to your restaurant’s reputation. If you would like to learn more about cyber liability or have general questions regarding your existing policies, please call us at  (706) 991-9832. 

Absolutely not your average insurance company.  Donnan and his team are friendly, knowledgeable and reachable!  R&R is proactive when it comes to monitoring our policies.  As the restaurant industry regulations change, they make certain we always have the right coverage at the best price available.  We highly recommend R&R Insurance.  

Bob Ewing & Jon Joiner
— Bob Ewing & Jon Joiner, Amici Lake Oconee & Amici Milledgeville

Donnan G. Oyler, President
Email: Donnan@rrinsurancegroup.com
Phone: 706-991-9832


Office Space: Should I Buy or Lease?

Ashley Goodroe with Caldwell Banker Interview

I grew up in Snellville Georgia, a great place to grow up in the 90’s, where “Everybody is Somebody!” If you do not understand that it is because you are not from around the Gwinnett area. As with many places, it was much less developed than it is now... the Avenue at Webb Ginn, and probably two miles in each direction, were still grassy fields. I watched the development of the area from a relatively small town to one of the fastest growing towns in one of the fastest growing counties. After high school, I moved to Athens to attend the University of Georgia where I earned a B.S. in Environmental Health. After graduating from UGA, I moved back to Gwinnett County and I began working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. I was a laboratory technician doing genetic research on the Human Papilloma Virus...interesting work, but I knew I did not want to be in the lab forever. While working at the CDC, a business opportunity for my husband brought us to Lake Oconee. I was not in for the daily commute to Atlanta (it was bad enough from Lawrenceville!), and I was ready to get out of the lab and around more people.

When growing up, my mom sold real estate and I always thought it was great that she helped others acquire what is typically the largest investment in their life...and she had fun doing it. I have always been a numbers person and thought I would enjoy helping business owners and investors in the same fashion as my mom did for homeowners. After moving to the lake, I began working with Reynolds American Properties managing property and, after earning my real estate license, selling property in and around Lake Oconee Village. Soon after, I began working with a commercial developer managing, marketing and selling properties. I enjoy helping anyone from the first time commercial buyer or business owner to a seasoned investor/developer. I have sold all commercial property types throughout East Georgia, including multi­family, timber and development tracts. I am currently an Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker Commercial Lake Country and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

As we all know, every so often real estate goes through a crash or correction cycle. This can lead small business owners to consider the question, “Is it best to lease or buy?” Many times, the main motivation is that business owners want have more control over their real estate related overhead. It could be detrimental to many small business owners if a lease were to roll over during a period where supply is tight. Real estate expenses could increase significantly and suddenly, catching business owner off guard.

Another key reason many businesses will consider owning their location is asset appreciation. There is certainly no guarantee that real estate will appreciate over time, though the long term trend is that it often does. There are also tax benefits associated with owning, such as depreciation. The reasons above support ownership, though there are situations in which leasing is the better option. For example, if your business is in a rapid growth period, it may not be the right time to buy. As the recession has reminded us, you cannot always guarantee you can sell your property if and when you need to and you cannot guarantee you will make money when you do sell. If your business loses some of its liquidity, could you survive?
There are many other factors to consider when this question does arise, so it is important to find an educated commercial broker to guide you in your analysis. While no one can be certain of the future, they will be able to break down the process and assist you in making an informed decision.

To learn more about Ashley Goodroe and visit her featured listings, please visit her website at www.LakeCountryCommercial.com .

Whether you purchase or lease, we have a policy to protect you and your business.

Donnan Oyler