R&R Insurance Group Opens New Buckhead Location


Atlanta, Georgia– On March 1st, 2018, R&R Insurance Group (https://www.rrinsurancegroup.com/) is opening a new location to serve the Buckhead area of Atlanta. This independently owned risk management firm will be moving into the newly developed Terminus complex at the well-known intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree. Located in the heart of Buckhead, the stunning Terminus tower is a sought-after office location that combines working, living, and leisure spaces for effortless convenience and comfort. The convenience is augmented by the location’s ample underground parking, and easy access to local transportation. The “Buc,” a free shuttle service providing transport to hotels and businesses across the city, is accessible right outside the Terminus building, and a short walk down the street will take you to a MARTA train station for transport to further locations.

With street level boutique stores, luxury condos, fine dining, and many other amenities to offer, Terminus 200 also provides some of Atlanta’s finest companies with world-class office space. Donnan Oyler, Founder, CEO and President of R&R Insurance Group said, “R&R Insurance Group expects to be right at home in this new business center, serving Atlanta residents with the same dedication to complete coverage at competitive prices that we’ve given to the Lake Oconee area for the past eight years. This company was founded on the belief that exorbitant premiums defeat the true purpose of insurance plans, which is to protect your finances.”

By choosing to work with a multitude of A-rated or better carriers to develop personalized insurance plans for commercial and affluent personal risks, R&R Insurance Group is able to protect and assist their clients with superior coverage at a reasonable price. They believe that insurance is about people, not paperwork, and therefore work to consider the individuals and businesses behind every transaction. Risk management should never be a one-size-fits all proposition. Different issues require different plans, which is why R&R Insurance Group creates plans that work to suit the ways that individuals, and small and large businesses, truly operate, rather than making due with what passes for sufficient coverage on paper.

R&R Insurance Group knows how to utilize its autonomy to better serve the public, and they are eager to bring their excellent customer service, customized plans, and lower cost coverage to the Atlanta area. “This may be an exciting new venture for R&R Insurance Group, but we will still be holding ourselves to the same high standards we’ve always upheld through the years.”  


Donnan Oyler, Founder, CEO and President

R&R Insurance Group

3333 Piedmont Road NE

Suite 2050